This is the story of Star Paws

When we were rescued we couldn’t wait to get to our new home. We loved it, it was warm and cosy and we went for long walks in the parks and forests and got lot’s of hug’s and food.  But we knew our humans sometimes had to go to a place they referred to as work. We didn’t really like this and sometimes we would get ever so lonely while they were away so Luke and I decided that we should set up a club so that we could all go out to have fun and play together- we called it Star Paws!

The word soon spread about Star Paws and before long all our furry friends in Cape Town wanted to be a part of our club.

Dasha (my mom) has grown up loving dogs. She worked in corporate for a long time while volunteering at the SPCA! There she learnt all there is to know about us dogs, our behaviour and how best to look after us. She moved down to Cape Town and met Richard who is only the greatest motorcycle rider and dog lover in the world. Richard one day came home gave us BIG hugs and told us he heard what we were saying and was going to convince mom (Dasha) that they were going to open a club for us. Instead of going back to work with humans, they decided to set up something fun for us because they love us SOO much- so here we are!

Richard and Dasha work really hard to help me run Star Paws. They welcomed all my friends and took them out to play with us at our doggy daycare. They always look after them really well and make sure they get home safely once we are all tired out.

Any dog or puppy can be a Star Paws Pup- as long as you have had your shots you can join at any age!

We are a real family business, my brother Luke runs the trouble making department! He is very sweet but VERY naughty compared to me… but he is good at what he does and always makes sure there is something crazy to do!

So, if you want to be a Star Paws Pup, get your human to ring or email Richard or Dash and you can come and play with us too!

Lots of love,

Ramses aka Remy The Great and Powerful

Find us at:

Physical Address

Unit 1, 4 Frere Street,

Woodstock, Cape Town


Office Hours

Our daycare operates Monday - Friday 7:30am- 7pm

By prior arrangement we also do sleepovers and those are ongoing all year round. Any other requests we will always look into such as:

  • Night care 5pm-midnight (for the party goers)
  • Weekend daycare