Doggy Daycare

Our doggy daycare service is the perfect solution to a busy lifestyle! It is by far the best place for your dog to spend the day while you are busy at work- with a friendly, sociable atmosphere and loads for them to do. Owners are completely guilt free knowing their dog is having a tonne of fun rather than sitting in a flat or house in Cape Town.

Not to mention that socialization is the key factor in having a well adjusted happy pet that can relate to their fellow canine friends.  Dog’s are true pack animals by nature.

Swing by in the morning to drop off your dog and head to work! A dogs idea of heaven, they will spend the day playing with friends, walking in the park, playing with humans, and most importantly SLEEPING on a WagWorld bed! Because we are an indoor daycare and are cageless, even in bad weather the fun doesn’t stop! Filled with luxury beds, toys and play equipment – this is the perfect place for our smaller friends to spend the day!

We have a huge range of shapes, sizes and ages of dogs in our doggy daycare. It’s also a perfect place for puppies to grow up with the best socialisation you could ask for. We have our own puppy daycare where the pups can enjoy themselves with pups of the same age and size. We always make sure we match the activities to the individual dog or puppies. Older dogs can take longer naps while the others bomb around. We will make sure all of the dogs have an amazing day, whatever their interests!

All staff are trained in canine first aid and have a very big passion for dogs and dog safety!

If this sounds like the service you want for your furkid, please get in touch over email or give us a call! We will answer any questions you might have!