Montego Bags O’ Wags Crunchies Nicely Iced


Montego Bags O’ Wags will put a wag back into their tails. Montego Crunchies are made with real meat for bio-release and the maximum absorption of nutrients. Give your dog a Sweety Crunchie for rewarding good behaviour, encouragement when they exercise or just as a snack in between meals. The crunchies are all different, but one thing is for sure – they are all Delicious!

  • Protein derived from real meat promotes physical well-being and improves all-round performance.

  • They are baked to perfection for a crisp, crunchy texture and delicious flavour.

  • Dipped in a delectable icing, enhancing the flavour and adding the wags.

Remember these are dog treats. Very similar to human sweets. Don’t feed too many of these to your baby.



Ingredients include:

Wheat and whole wheat flour, meat and animal derivatives, bran, plant fats, non-lauric non-sucrose coating, vitamins and minerals, flavourants and approved antioxidants.


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