Montego Classic Small Breed Puppy


Puppies have very specific nutritional needs as not only are they constantly growing, but their organs are still very delicate. They, therefore, need a wholesome diet that is balanced and easy to digest. Montego Classic Puppy food is scientifically formulated with this in mind, using only the highest quality ingredients, and containing everything your new addition to the family needs to stay fit and healthy – no matter the size or breed

Cereals (min 4% rice), meat meal and derivatives, cereal derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, fats and oils, natural flavouring agents, minerals, vitamins, nutritional purpose additives (Glucosamine & Chondroitin) with an approved antioxidant. Contains GMOs.

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– Provides a balanced diet for growing pups
– Has highly digestible ingredients
– Helps maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat
– Helps develop strong teeth and bones
– Helps maintain a healthy digestive system
– Maintains healthy joints
Nutritional information (guaranteed analysis g/kg):
– Protein – 255 min
– Moisture – 100 max
– Fat – 120 min
– Fibre – 40 max
– Ash – 80 max
– Calcium- 13 max
– Phosphorus – 10 min
– Calcium : Phosphorus Ratio 1.2-1.5 : 1.0
– Omgea 6 : 3 Ratio – 5-7 : 1

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