Montego Karoo Large Breed Puppy


aroo Large to Giant Breed Puppy is rich in nutrients derived from real meat with added vitamins and minerals for peak physical development and digestive health.

Rice, chicken, maize gluten, maize, ostrich, poultry oil, lamb, animal fat & vegetable oils, natural flavouring agents, beet pulp, brewerÂ’s yeast, milk powder (lactose reduced), inulin, kaolin, salmon oil, egg powder, salt, encapsulated essential fatty acids, glucosamine & chondroitin, minerals & vitamins, approved antioxidants. Typical Analysis (%) – Protein: 26 min – Moisture: 10 max – Crude Fat: 12 min – Crude Fibre: 2.5 max – Ash: 8 max – Calcium: 1.1 max – Phosphorus: 0.7 min – Sodium: 0.5 max – Potassium: 0.8 min – Magnesium: 0.2 max – Zinc: 120mg/kg – Vitamin D: 1200IU/kg – Vitamin E: 75 IU/kg – Vitamin C: 50mg/kg – Omega 6- 3 Ratio: 4:1 min, 7:1 max DHA: 0.1 min
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– Karoo Large to Giant Breed Puppy is specifically formulated for large and giant breeds to ensure their nutritive needs are met
– Glucosamine & chondroitin are added to assist in the development of cartilage and provide support for joints, which is critical in the growing years of larger breed dogs – Added salmon oil ensures optimum levels of Omega-3, including DHA & EPA for cognitive function to support learning and vision development
– The levels of probiotics in the food is optimal to allow more nutrients to be absorbed by the puppy and thus increase the overall digestibility
– Large and giant breeds require less fat and energy to ensure that the puppy does not become overweight in its growing years
– Karoo Large to Giant Breed Puppy is jam-packed with natural anti-oxidants supporting the developing immune system and reduces free radicals and thus increases the life of the puppy’s individual cells

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