Odour Muncher


Odour Muncher will remove urine odours and other stains and smells caused by pets, spilt milk, vomit and rotten food. It is a secret enzyme cleaner that literally digests organic matter.

Odour Muncher does not mask the smell. It is 100% environmentally friendly and not harmful to pets or humans. (Odour Muncher DOES NOT contribute to pollution as it contains no phenols or phosphates.

Say goodbye to bad smells for good!

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  • Odour Muncher eliminates foul odours at the source
  • Works on a wide range of organic smells including vomit, urine, blood, milk spills, refuse bins and pet mess.
  • Easy to apply
  • Completely harmless to humans and animals
  • Does not leave a masking smell
  • Removes stains along with the odour
  • Guaranteed to work!

What’s it good for?

– Urine, dog pee, cat wee, refuse bins, vomit, spilled milk, pet mess and blood

– Food processing plants, especially fish

– Cleaning textiles: carpets, curtains and upholstery

– Old age homes

– Potty training accidents

– Forensic cleaning

– Hospital laundry cleaning

– Organic stain removal on carpets

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250ml, 1L


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