Star Paws is owned and run by Richard and Dash who have made dogs their passion. Star Paws was created as a place you can feel comfortable leaving your dog knowing he/she will receive the love and attention they deserve. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome at the facility. Richard and Dash have looked into every aspect of the facility to make sure that Star Paws is the pawfect place for owners to leave their furkids. Owners can leave their furkids knowing that their dog is not alone while they are at work.

Richard and Dash strive to make Star Paws a stress free and safe environment.

Doggy Daycare

With the rise of apartment living in Cape Town, many people choose to keep dogs in flats. The reality is that leaving a dog at home alone may lead to separation anxiety, excessive barking and destructive behaviour. Even owners who do not live in flats and their dogs have space to roam during the day may feel guilty about leaving their dogs on their own. Daycare is not a one size fits all but it may ease both your and your dogs stress. Star Paws is the perfect environment for a stress free and fun place for dogs to hang out all day.