All daycare includes walkies, basic training, nap and playtime.

1 day pass
Daily Rate R150
Extra dog 10%off R135
3 day pass
Daily Rate R140
Extra dog 10% off R126
5 day pass
Daily Rate R135
Extra Dog 10% off R121,50
10 day pass
Daily Rate R135
Extra Dog 10% off R121,50
20 Day Pass
Daily Rate R125
Extra Dog 10% off R112,50

All dogs having a sleepover spend the days at daycare, go for walkies MINIMUM twice a day. Please note that food is not included.

30 minute walk
Some dogs need a little extra exercise.
Adventure Walks
Dogs are picked up from daycare and taken to a wonderful outdoor destination. Dogs that are good off leash will hike for aprox 2hrs and then be brought back to daycare where they can take a well deserved nap.
Need a vacation, but can't take your furkid with? No stress, at Star Paws your dog will be on a vacation of their own.
During your furkids stay they will be given a phone to whatsapp or skype you, so that they can tell you all about the fun time they are having.